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Now Get Cannabis Included
In Your Health Plan

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Who Is Novus
Cannabis MedPlan

The nation’s first health plan that focuses on reducing med and rec user the cost associated with:

Medical Marijuana – Cannabidiol (CBD)

Dental – Vision – Telehealth, and with Delivery!

This revolutionary plan that supplements existing medical insurance policies, filling the gaps where traditional policies do not provide coverage. Unlike most health insurance, you have no copays, no lengthy paperwork, no deductibles, and everyone is approved in the Novus Cannabis MedPlan network. Let our experts guide you and, in many cases, get your employer to pay.


  Save Money On All Your Cannabis Meds

If you spend $150 or more per month on your cannabis meds, you can expect savings of $1,000 per year or greater with the Novus Cannabis MedPlan.

Starting Only $24.95 Per Month

Novus MedPlan is the first nationwide, supplemental medical cannabis health plan that includes THC plans, CBD plans, telemedicine, dental, vision, hearing and more. No copays, no deductibles, no long term contracts and immediate approval in the Novus MedPlan network. 

Nationwide Provider Network

This revolutionary service fills the gaps where your insurance policies do not provide coverage. Save thousands of dollars each year on thousands of products and services in our network.

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The Best Experience Ever

Cannabis Is Wellness

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