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Therapeutic Massage 120 minutes

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Therapeutic Massage 120 minutes

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Provider: : ANR Massage
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Each massage is unique. Whether you need relief from painful symptoms or are simply looking for a truly relaxing massage, I can help. You choose from a “full-body” massage, which ensures your whole body is at it‰Ûªs best, or “focused” work to really zero in on a particular issue, getting the knots out and releasing tension for more freedom of movement. For deep tissue and focused work, I recommend you start with a 90 minute session for best results. Occasionally, it may be helpful to utilize hydrotherapy during a treatment. This is done at no extra charge to you. Hydrotherapy is the use of water in its various forms to soothe general aches and pains, treat physical and emotional ailments, and to boost the immune system. Heat is a very efficient way to bring blood to the area being treated. It softens soft tissues allowing for deeper work without having to “bulldoze” through. This is achieved using towels soaked in warm/hot water. Cool is great for reducing soreness and swelling. It often alleviates trigger points and muscle spasms. It also boosts your body’s natural defenses to ward off illness. This is most commonly done with ice or cold packs.‰Û

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Known as the “Inside-Outside Healer” her work focuses on massage, spa therapies such as body wraps and scrubs and personalized skin care. Massage and BeautiControl™ products are a perfect complement; allowing Andrea to help her clients look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside after a treatment.

In massage sessions, her knowledge and skill come together with her intuition and great ability to nurture to deliver an individual, personalized treatment.

When providing a BeautiControl Spa Experience, Andrea focuses on skin care education and the importance of taking time on a daily basis to relax and unwind. Fun and interactive, whether one-on-one or with friends, it is an experience you don’t want to miss.

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